An Italian passion which finds its roots in the history and geography of the place where the Belligotti was born and has grown: Pesaro furniture district, where still today, over a 20.000 sq plant, our Kitchens and Wardrobes are manufactured.
Since 1960 with Belligotti brand name and later in 1974 with Composit brand name, Belligotti family has improved its “know how” and has transformed its love for raw materials and passion for hand craftsmanship into an industrial business.
Passion which successfully continues today, in a brand new global scenario where we are fully involved, giving to the Italian cabinetry craftsmanship an internationally renowned brand name.


Edra was born in 1987 in Tuscany. Today it is known all over the world for the absolute quality of its products, which combine artistic tradition, technological research, high manual skill, materials of the highest quality.
Edra has always made exclusive and timeless products.
The sofas, armchairs and all the other products in the edra collection are designed and built with such accuracy that they are truly unique, unmistakable, to be enjoyed with the utmost pleasure, and remain a heritage forever.


Saba was established in 1987, in Padova, Italy and has worked ever since in the pursuit of contemporary and relaxing design concepts. The concept, as well as the selection of materials, craftsmanship and manufacture, are all guided by the desire to experiment without overstepping the boundary into excess, supported by constant attention to quality and ergonomics.

Gervasoni was established in 1882, in Pavia di Udine, Italy and currently, company is managed by the third generation of the family.
The aesthetic standards and production techniques have changed over the years. Not the passion for beauty and artfully made. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets furniture solutions for the home and the contract sector.


Antidiva was established in 1976, in Seregno, Brianza, a famous crafts traditional region of Italy.
In Antidiva’s creations you can experience the coming together of tactile pleasure, comfort and design refinement.
Antidiva offers a privileged service for projects require exclusive furniture products, based on both research unity and the development of customized solutions, where the creativity is the true main and founding value.

Miniforms was established since 1966 in Meolo, Veneto, Italy, by the father Luigi Bardini. In 2009, Luigi handed the company over to his sons Alessandro, Matteo and Mario. At this point a few things changed. Young designers were chosen, investments were moved around, shapes became rounder and the product became iconic and avant-garde. They did a real transformation, built brand name, developed colections of furniture.

Established in Como, Italy, for nearly 30 years, Desalto has spread worldwide an idea of an aesthetically sophisticated product based on constant technical and technological research focused on greater functionality. Thirty years of activity make Desalto a young but also time-honoured brand. Of both dimensions Desalto is titled.

LaCividina conceives and makes collections of designer armchairs and sofas that epitomize the most authentic, quintessential qualities associated with the “Made in Italy” label.
LaCividina has been manufacturing products with ingenuity and originality for almost half a century. The invaluable properties of Italian manual culture live on in its workmanship. Outstanding organization and management ensure that its attention to detail is combined with the ability to compete on a global scale.
Unadulterated aesthetics, high-quality materials, perfect workmanship and exceptional organization: LaCividina fuses comfort and appealing designs, while keeping Italian manual culture alive.



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